Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Game review: Kamen Rider Super Climax Heroes

Title: Kamen Rider: Super Climax Heroes

Year: 2012

Platform: PSP, Wii

What is it about: Kamen Riders all suit-up to fight each other.

Genre: Fighting

My review: This game was so close to perfection. Let me explain. So far, I've tried only 2 Climax Heroes game. Namco Bandai releases one Climax Heroes for almost every newly introduced Kamen Rider. The first one I played was the first Climax Heroes on PS2. It was a huge letdown in terms of gameplay and pretty much everything else. There are also not many selections of Kamen Riders to choose from. The second one was when Kamen Rider OOO (called "Oozu") was introduced. Since then they had been putting more Riders in it. In fact, they put all 13 Riders in the Ryuki series, which makes it more like a Kamen Rider Ryuki game with extra characters in it. Worst of all, certain Riders doesn't even have their what Japanese call "hissatsu waza" ie. Final Attack.

Then came Super Climax Heroes, a major improvement from the previous installments. Super Climax Heroes changes everything from gameplay to the Riders itself.  The controls in Super Climax Heroes are more 3-dimensional, giving Riders more freedom to run around. Compared to the previous Climax Heroes games, the mission system in this game is easier, albeit much longer, to accomplish. More actions are available in Super Climax Heroes such as the ability to counter. More importantly all Riders have their own final attack. This is a huge achievement, given that this time there are LOTS of Riders for you to choose from. They even took the effort of putting the old generation Showa Riders in this game. I'll get to this later.

The Showa Rider, I feel, is really totally pointless. I mean, you're up against high-tech Riders with metallic armour and rockets. What could a Styrofoam suit possibly do for you? In Super Climax Heroes, we have our dearly missed Kamen Rider Skull, alongside a few other Riders from Movies, such as Ryuga and Saga. The thing is, they stopped there and didn't bother putting more Movie Riders such as Caucasus, Arc, and Orga. Personally, this is a disappointment for me because Orga was my favourite Kamen Rider.

Everything else was close to perfection, but here we have two major problem. First of all, they reduce the life bar from 3 to 1. This means that (it happens all the time in Vs. CPU mode) your enemies will die in a few slashes or punches. To make things worse, the 'very hard mode' in this game is really easy mode. There are absolutely no challenge in this game. To remedy this, or so they thought, they increase the level of difficulty in Heroes mode (where you go for missions) by decreasing drastically the amount of damage you deal to the opponent, and increase opponent's damage dealt to you to the point where a single slash can cost you a third of your life. Now you know what I meant by the Styrofoam suits.

There is nothing much to this game. It's a fighting game anyway. You'll get to see some cool final moves at first. But in the end, things become really boring. I'm also very annoyed by Kamen Rider Wizard's belt!

Rating (out of 10): 5

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