Friday, 21 December 2012

Anime review: Persona 4 The Animation

Title: Persona 4 The Animation

Year: 2011

What is it about: Venturing in a different dimension, solving crimes.

My review: Persona 4 is one of the best games ever. Persona 4 The Animation, however, is among the crappiest there is. Before spending on this anime which cost a lot more than a usual 25-episode anime does, I suggest you save it and treat yourself a good buffet instead. This anime is completely worthless. If you had already played the game, this anime is just a few excerpts from the game crumpled into 25 episodes. This means, much of the original storyline is either missing or is altered real badly. I didn't bother watching all 25 episodes. It bores me from the 4th onward, an  I immediately skipped to the last episode. Even so, it's just a huge disappointment.

Unlike the game, the characters in this anime hardly does anything but talk and talk and talk. All the fighting are left to the Persona. And a good battle is between opponents of an equal strength. In this anime, it's really like watching the old-day Ultraman. The Persona first loses, then after the characters' inspirational talk, the Persona suddenly gain incredible strength to be able to defeat the opponent in a single blow. This happens every time, and it also applies to the final boss which is supposedly unbeatable. Every time when they are at the verge of losing, weird stuffs happens and they gain sudden power. That is cliche beyond lame.

In conclusion, don't even bother watching this anime. If you are interested in experiencing Persona 4, get the game instead. I learned the hard way, that every anime made based on a video game tends to suck really bad, regardless how good the game actually is. If you are really interested in watching this anime, just watch the first episode. It will satisfy you more than watching the entire series.

Rating (out of 10): 1

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