Sunday, 30 December 2012

Anime review: Gokicha!! Cockroach Girls

Title: Gokicha!! Cockroach Girls

Year: 2011 / 2012 (I think it's still ongoing)

What is it about: A cockroach trying to befriend human.

My review: What can Japanese do? They made me feel for a cockroach! Yes, after watching two 8-minute episode of this, I actually felt for a damn cockroach! A cockroach, for goodness' sake!

Anyway, this anime is really unlike any other anime. This anime tells a tale of a kindhearted cockroach who tries to befriend human being, but fails at every attempt. She'll get stepped on sprayed with insecticides and tossed around, but she is still hopeful in coexisting with humans. She is also mindful to other creatures such as crows and other cockroaches. I think this cockroach is more thoughtful and friendlier than many humans!

At the end of episode 2 where this anime currently stopped, our little cockroach girl here tried to persuade another cockroach friend to not steal food from human, and then something terrible happened to her. I cried! If a cockroach in reality is like her, it will definitely make a perfect pet or even a friend. Sadly, they are not.

If you watched this anime, you will think twice before stepping on a cockroach. It's crazy.

My rating (out of 10): 10


  1. Ooo! I started watching this recently. I thought it was so cute... then I remembered... She's a cockroach... I hat cockroaches!
    There is a kind of cockroach people keep as pets... I'd never keep one though lol


  2. I hate cockroaches too, but Japanese people seems to be able to turn pretty much anything into cuteness! XD

  3. You gotta hand it to the author, this was one creative and creative plot! I'm pretty sure he just _had_ to first publish it on his own because manga publishing likely would've laughed him out of the room, knowing how particularly hateful the Japanese are toward cockroaches! But for a roach to be able to tug the heart and sympathy of most readers/viewers takes an extra award in my book. Poor beaten, kicked, whacked, gassed and crushed little Gokicha is kinder and cuter than most other non-human heroes out there and her heart is as tough as her iron carapace! I liked the sometimes confusing parts in the manga where she meets her real-life plastic action figure which means the writer already knew his creation was taking off big. I agree with many that she MUST have a human friend someday; maybe some scientist who recognizes that she's unique. Maybe even a human-cockroach hybrid from Fukushima because it seems that to both humans and roaches alike she looks odd and strange (not to mention she doesn't look like her roach kin either), so maybe there's a lot more going with her than meets the eye. Pardon, I gotta hit my Raid...

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