Monday, 1 September 2014

Movie Review: Godzilla 2014

Hi once again! I guess you have heard a lot of this movie and I supposed there are many differing opinions about it. Though having a significant place in my childhood, I was never really a fan of Godzilla, that is until I have watched this one. Since the Digital version of this movie has been released, here's my review of the movie. (Some spoilers ahead)

"Wow, look at all these ants!"
Title: Godzilla (or as the Japanese prefers to call it, GOJIRA!!!!!)

Year: 2014

What is it about: Monsters rampaging the city. Oops, my bad. It's actually more about the human soldiers doing... stuffs.

Review: Without further ado, let us first look into the characters in this movie because it is the characters than influenced this movie the most rather than the plot and whatnot. In the beginning of the movie, we were introduced to the scientist Joe Brody as the main character, or so I thought. There was a mishap which claimed the life of his wife, and quite a good storyline begins to flow from there, mostly involving Brody trying to determine what really caused the mishap and killed his wife. *ahem.. not... Godzilla... ahem*

On the other hand, we were also introduced to a few more important characters such as Dr. Daisuke Serizawa, another scientist who prefers to call Godzilla the name it deserves, "Gojira", and Brody's son, U.S. Marine Lieutenant Ford who shall soon be promoted to main character. Dr. Daisuke's presence in the film is rather peculiar because his only role, though being an important character, is to deliver a few punch lines while making that stressful face of his. Once of the most popular punch lines is "Let them fight!" which obviously lead to you feeling excited, but I can imagine that most people would be disappointed from then on as I shall explain.

Notice that until now I did not really mention anything about Godzilla or any other creatures? Well, that's because they aren't really important in this film which includes Godzilla himself. Kinda funny how this movie was actually named after him. If anything at all, this movie should be called "Godzilla's spine', or 'Godzilla's backside', because throughout the movie you'll only get to see Godzilla's rear as he swims in the lake, rising up to reveal himself only a couple of times. He is insignificant like that. The most significant character in this movie turns out to be Lt. Ford and his fellow marines because the military is the focus of this movie. So forgive me for saying that this movie is about monsters rampaging the city. Well, it ought to be, but they failed miserably in that regard. In fact, Lt. Ford is so important in this movie that they killed off Brody, the only one who can act decently and has the most emotional impact in the whole of Godzilla 2014. Brody is played by Bryan Cranston by the way. Not that I know who he is, but I supposed you do.

Now, onto the plot and everything else. So this movie is actually about two monsters known as MUTO rampaging the city as they enter their mating season. This movie does have a few references to biology and I find that pretty cool. So as MUTO was destroying err... a city in America, Godzilla hunts them down to establish his title as alpha monster. Meanwhile, the military sets out to destroy all 3 of the monsters using the most laughable method ever devised. They are planning to blow them up with nuclear bomb, you know, in a city in America. Also, did I mention that nuclear energy is actually MUTO's food? So, yeah. Good luck with that smartass plan. Fortunately, the Japanese scientist is smarter as he puts his faith in the biological pest control method. His saw Godzilla as a hope rather than a threat, and plans to let Godzilla take care of the MUTOs. Obviously, the military rejected the plan and sets out to detonate the bomb anyway as the 3 monsters were fighting, and from then the movie focuses on the mission. See, here's the big problem with this movie. It sets up greatly for Godzilla to meet the MUTO, gear set and all ready to fight, and having Dr. Daisuke deliver the 'GO' punchline, "Let them fight!", and then guess what happened. They fought? Yes, but unfortunately you won't get to see it. Because who gives a damn about a few unimportant characters fighting each other? Lt. Ford and his half-brain, terribly failed mission is much more important than that! So the movie cut off to show you more of the military just as the monster are about to have an epic showdown. By the way, this does not happen only once, but many times. And hence my face is all red from too many facepalms.

So this has been going on for quite a while as we reach the climax where the nuclear mission failed miserably (HAHA!!) and once again Godzilla meet the two MUTO. Here's where the fun part begin and really the only 5 minutes in this movie worth watching. This time they actually show you the fight, and here's where Godzilla shows off his amazingly long and epic roar, and his iconic Atomic Breath. Sadly though, this took place in the dark so you will need to dilate your pupils a little to see what's going on. Also, this epic scene did not last really long. The film concludes with Godzilla, having injured by MUTO, blacked out next to the nuclear bomb that the military failed to recover, and the nuclear bomb literally blow up right next to Godzilla. The next thing you know, guess what, not even a scratch on Godzilla. Hey U.S. Marine, here's a derp clap for you. *clap... clap... clap*

In conclusion, I really like the remodeled Godzilla even though he looks kinda fat. But I think it is biologically and physically necessary for Godzilla's size. I liked the exciting scenes of monster rampage, however few there are, and I liked the background music that compliments it. But overall, this movie was a bit of a letdown. A sequel is on the way, and I really look forward to it. This time, seriously, for Pete's sake, LET THEM FIGHT!!! >.<

Rating: 6/10