Monday, 17 December 2012


Introducing Clara and Alice, two junior high school students from Hokkaido who are extremely talented and had sang their way to stardom. Problem is, nobody actually know who they are. All we know is they had beautiful voice, and had sang the opening and ending theme for several famous anime and games including Nisemonogatari and Nendoroid Generation.

These two girls apparently started singing when they were in kindergarten, and had since then attended music classes. Then they begin to sing covers and upload it in the Japanese version of YouTube, Nico Nico. That's when their voices are recognized and immediately they became famous. They continued their effort to the point where they released four single albums and recently a debut studio album. Easily they could be just as famous as the likes of say... I don't know... Justin Bieber (My apologies if this offends you. I know they are beyond comparison, but it's the best example I could think of for now). But they took a different turn and prefer to stay anonymous. They hide their identity and had an artist depict them with anime characters. They prefer to use a pseudonym rather than revealing their real name. Not many people know who Clara and Alice actually is other than their family members. All that so that they will not be sidetracked from their studies.

I have no idea how they do that, but they sing really good songs and fortunately, they still continue to sing. I'm looking forward to whatever they are coming up with. Whoever Clara and Alice is, I truly appreciate them.

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