Sunday, 16 June 2013

Brand new lappy, brand new waifu XD

Hello fellow blog-readers. I know it's been like 10 years (or was it 3 months?) since I last updated my blog. I almost forgot how to make a new post.

Anyway, all these while I had achieved the impossible by living without a laptop though I'm partially with a life support known as smartphone, not that it's very useful to me. Now I have took a leap of faith by investing a large portion of my savings on a brand new Lenovo Y500 laptop. This is a mark of history for me because it is my first very own laptop which actually works! (I had a really bad experience with Alienware whereby it broke down on the day it as delivered to me.)

So far I am liking this laptop. The only thing is that it is not very well designed ergonomically and thus hurts my arm during long hours of typing. In fact it doesn't take an hour for me to feel it. Then again, I couldn't complain much because I bought this lappy at an extremely cheap price for a laptop with an NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M 2GB DDR5 graphic card. In case you are confused, it simply means this lappy has good graphics. In the thermal efficiency viewpoint, it's not too bad, although I haven't start using it for hardcore gaming. Oh well...

So, while I was away for 3 months, I had been obsessed with Nana Mizuki. And that in turn made me obsessed with Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha. I recently watched two of the movies and I instantly fell in love with both of them. Why? Because from there I discovered that lolies can be highly reactive and can cause a nuclear explosion. The first movie was full of them: Little girls with badass weapons. And what do you get? Nuclear explosions. The second movie was better considering the fact that it even includes supernovas alongside nuclear explosions. All thanks to these two uranium-rich Gundam  loli nuclear reactor called Nanoha Takamachi and Fate Testarossa.

Fate was particularly my favorite character of all, and that's not only because she is voiced by Nana Mizuki. I'll describe her in detailed sometime in the future, but I can tell you now she is really cool. Nanoha ain't half bad either. Then there was one Fateful day where I so happened to participate an anime event known as C2AGE Slam. Not sure what it means though. Anyway, i was walking around when I came across this Fate Testarossa Sonic Form Figma which obviously I couldn't resist to buy it however expensive it may get. Fortunately the price wasn't too bad. The Sonic Form doesn't have the cool looking Dracula cape which she always wear, and also she won't be wearing a mini skirt (Owww...). But still, it looks awesome with all that wings on her glove and shoes, and not to mention that huge-@$$ scythe she weilds. Currently the Figma is still yet to be unboxed. Pretty soon it will be, and I'll be spending a good part of my free time posing my newly-acquired waifu and snapping lots of photos of it with my smartphone XD