Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Anime review: Another

Title: Another

Year: 2012

What is it about:  I had no idea. People dying in the most anti-creative ways.

My review: Another stupid anime. I asked myself how did I managed to watch this anime all the way to the finish, and the answer: Mei Misaki. Apparently this is anime is so popular that it even has a live-action movie. What impresses me more is that Mei Misaki, one of the two main characters, in the live-action movie is starred by a mere (currently) 16-year old girl by the name Ai Hashimoto, who also starred as... wait for it... Sadako, the vengeful spirit from the latest installment of The Ring. Pretty amazing for a 16-year old girl.

At any rate, don't expect too much from this anime unless you are a fan of those Final Destination type of anime. I'm not. My first impression when I saw the cover of this anime was that this is a ghost anime. Then my expectation increases when I saw the opening of this anime: lots of dolls. I love dolls! Dolls and hospitals are the perfect ingredient for a nice creepy ghost story. In the first 10 minutes or so, that's exactly what happened: a girl holding a doll walking towards a mortuary in a hospital. A perfect recipe for an eerie suspense.

Then, it all started to deviate from what I expected. Apparently this anime has almost nothing to do with dolls. It's about a classroom that is cursed, and in the end everyone dies one by one. I was hoping for a ghost to jump out of somewhere, but no. It's just people dying in the stupidest way possible. No ghost whatsoever. There is also not much explanation as to what brought about this curse. At least, not from what I understood.

So, in the entire 12-episode anime it's just people dying and dying, mostly by accidents. And somehow, I felt that they love to get the characters killed by glass. There is a simple rule in this anime, which is contradictory to the principle of a typical anime: Pretty girls can't die. In this anime, however, you die no matter who you are. Be it accident or suicide. In the end, only one or two characters are left standing.

The one thing I liked about this anime is one of the two main characters: Mei Misaki. She one of the few characters in that anime that is decent, and didn't die, alongside Sakakibara the other main character in the story. Mei Misaki is a sweet little girl, who don't mind sacrificing her own interest for the good of others. Unlike other characters, who merely pretends to be sweet, but later reveal their true nature to be murderous.

In conclusion, I've come to realize that this anime is just not worth my time. I've got better ways to kill a character, but what's the deal with all these dying stuffs? Can't they think of a better plot? This is among the worst anime I've ever watched in my life. The OVA is slightly better in the sense that just one person died in a natural way. But instead of killing people, they killed a bird in a stupid way. Poor creature...

Rating (out of 10): 2

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