Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Movie Review: The Amazing Spiderman 2

I apologize for not writing any review for anime lately. I haven't been watching anime as I do not have that privilege of time. However, amidst all the pending assignments piling up on my desk, I did went to the cinema to watch The Amazing Spiderman 2. Honestly, I don't know what have I done.

Title: The Amazing Spiderman 2

What is it about: Spiderman, and how freaking amazing he is.

My review: I'm sorry to say, this movie just isn't worth my sacrifice and time. On that note, this movie has wasted so damn much of my time which I would rather spend it on doing my assignments or just sleep or hang out with friends or something. Around halfway through the movie, I already had to take out my mobile phone and go to Facebook just to prevent myself from being bored to death. Seriously, why did I even bother to watch a Spiderman movie? I mean, he's not exactly my favorite superhero and the past movies has been all but disappointing. Well, that's because the trailer for this movie actually looked good and very promising. And let's just say that I was utterly disappointed as I shall explain why.

Surprising enough, many people seems to enjoy this movie very much. Maybe because it's because this movie came the closest to the storyline in the comics. I never read the comics as I'm not a comic guy and I'm not a fan of Marvel (Maybe except Captain America). For the entire 3 hours of watching this movie, nothing much seems to make sense to me. Maybe they make sense for the comic readers, but certain for a layman like me. Some scenes also seem to take place just because the comic books dictate it, much like the scene where *ahem* you-know-who was killed off. It it wasn't for the comic books, that scene would have been pretty infuriating for fans. But now it's good because it obeys the order of the comics.

Also, remember I mentioned something about the trailer being promising? Well yeah, the trailer is nice, but the movie is not. That's because so many scenes in the trailer are not even in the movie! As a result, I felt extremely cheated. I think the complexity of the plot is seen much more in the trailer than in the movie itself. , but it didn't actually happen. So now everything just turns into a boring film trying to show off Spiderman's powers. Yes, Spiderman is powerful in this movie. He pretty much turned into Superman at this point. The  main villain is powerful too, but he's all too easily beaten by Spiderman. Speaking of the villain, Electro got his powers after being electrocuted by high-voltage wires. Kinda reminds you about how Peter Parker became Spiderman right? So anyone gets burned by fire becomes fireman? Jk.

The main villain in this movie is Electro, but I would rather he be known as an accidental villain. He's a villain simply because everyone around him has been an @$$hole to him (including Spiderman himself), and it just so happen he then pretty soon gain superpowers. Even after gaining (accidental) powers he wasn't exactly a villain yet, until yet another @$$hole piss him off and viola, we have Electro as the main villain. Honestly, I felt sorry for the villain much more than Spiderman for what he's being through. Also, I know that this is just a movie and that Spiderman's powers are just a fantasy and completely impossible to achieve in reality, I really dislike how this movie plays with some 8th grade science just to try to impress its audience. Yeah, maybe some magnetic stuffs will cancel of some electric stuffs. I don't know. Sounds familiar, but we didn't exactly pay attention in class. But I refuse to accept that a simple magnetic device at Spiderman's wrist are able to deflect electricity strong enough to light up the whole of New York. I could go on ranting about how unrealistic this movie is, but it would be an even greater waste of time than it already is.

Previously I mentioned that Electro is the main villain. In fact, I do mean that there are other villains beside Electro, and supposedly this is about Spiderman's 'greatest battle yet'. But Electro was defeated so easily that I didn't even realize it. Then there's Green Goblin, a product of Harry Osborne going crazy. Yeah, you know this already. Worse still, Green Goblin's appearance only lasts for at most 10 minutes in the whole of the 3 hour movie and the only motive of his appearance is for the advancement of plot to the 'right comical direction' (i.e. to kill you-know-who). After his job his done, he's no longer useful for the movie and just ends up being defeated by Spiderman. Roll credits.

Wait a minute, there is actually a THIRD VILLAIN, the Rhino (can he be any less useful than this?). Well, Rhino certainly holds the record for the shortest appearance time for a villain. He should be awarded a prize for that. I think he merely appeared for at most the final 2 minutes of the movie. Yes, this movie ends in a freaking cliffhanger in the middle of the fight between Rhino and Spiderman. Well, I guess you don't really have to watch the fight to know who will come out victorious. I mean, Spiderman did easily beat a guy with electric powers enough to light up a city (who can also teleport). What's a piece of scrap metal with guns to him?

Rating: 2/10

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