Friday, 25 March 2016

Movie Review: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Hey, everyone. It's been almost two years since the last time I updated this my blog. Finally, I have all the time in the world to do so and what better things to talk about than the most hyped and the most anticipated movie ever!

Batman v Superman: Who is Beefier?
Keep in mind that this review will contain spoilers. But hey, it's not like you've never watched the trailers right? If the trailers can do it, so can I. First things first, lets talk about the trailers. The first trailer did a good job as a teaser. I do remember the time when Ben Affleck was announced to cast as Batman,  (Joker voice) everyone lost their minds! To be honest (really honest), I didn't know who Ben Affleck was back then. I never actually watched any of his movies. But when I saw the first trailer of Batman v Superman, I instantly fangirled at Affleck's portrayal as Batman. Indeed, the director made an incredibly bold choice to firstly cast Ben Affleck as Batman despite foreseeing some serious backlash from fans, and secondly, redesigning the entire appearance of Batman into a freaking Hulk of a Batman. Now you can say goodbye to ninja Batman because Batfleck is a freaking tank! I also really liked the new Batman voice. Finally, Batman doesn't suffer from throat cancer.

Forgive me for being too carried away by Batman. Now let's properly talk about the trailers. As I mentioned, the first trailer was pretty sweet, especially when it successfully gives the middle finger to every anti-Batfleck in the Internet. The second trailer though, it was the one which infamously spoiled the entire movie for everyone. Yes, that trailer literally spelled out the entire two-and-a-half hours worth of screentime for you in about three minutes. This is the trailer which introduces you to Wonder Woman and the piece of sh*t Doomsday. Keep in mind that this was supposed to be a Batman v Superman movie. Already the trailers were giving you hints that you won't be seeing much of Batman going head-to-head against Superman, and trailer is right. I'll talk more on that later. Having watched this movie, I felt that there are two things which really unsettles me (and downright pisses me off). On one hand, what you think you see in the trailer isn't really what you get. Remember the scene in the trailer which makes you think Superman is downright trying to kill Batman with the laser beam? Hah! You thought the laser beam was from Superman didn't you? Don't you feel like slapping the movie in the face for making you feel so stupid? It would have been much more exciting movie had happened as it tried to portray in the trailers. On the other hand, the trailers actually showed a little too much, to the point that you can pretty much expect what will happen in the movie in most scenes, especially in dialogue scenes. As a result, the movie became a little too cliched. I am a person who really appreciate creativity in films, but as far as this movie goes, its so-called creativity actually made the movie worse.

Now let's actually talk about the movie. First and foremost, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the way this movie started, and I am of course referring to the scene where Metropolis is being destroyed. That scene was really exciting, and I think it is good enough to justify Batman's motivation to challenge Superman. I particularly love the camera angles which focuses on Bruce Wayne's viewpoint when the city was being destroyed. It makes you feel all the more helpless. Also, the soundtrack really did a good job in highlighting all the excitement going on, and I was really at the edge of my seat. Unfortunately, after the opening scene, the movie starts to die down significantly, and they kept throwing all the expositions and information you don't really care. I do understand that they do have a lot of story to tell in order to properly set up the characters, but not only is it taking too damn long, it resulted in the movie having too many cuts and I had a hard time trying to keep up. At this point you won't be seeing much action for a while. But, when the action-packed scenes do come, you have Batman to thank for them, and they are all pretty sweet. As I mentioned earlier, this is no longer the Batman you've grown to know and love. This Batman straight up kills people in the most brutal way possible, and when he doesn't, he makes them feel the Batman brand of pain! I freaking LOVE this Batman. (Yeah, I freaking cheered every time he killed someone.). While I was still on the topic of Batman, remember the one scene where Batman is all in his desert outfit, and he was tied up and he had to fight his way out from the Superman SWAT team? Turns out it was all merely a dream, because f*ck you, that's why. Trust me, that is not the only dream sequence in this movie, and all of these dream sequences had jumpscares in them. There's even a dream in a dream scene (Nolan, wat r u doing? Nolan, stahp!), and the jumpscares really make me think the director briefly confused this movie for some cheap horror film.

Okay, enough with Batman for now. Let's talk about Superman. Well, to be honest, there really isn't much to talk about because for the most part, I don't really know what's going on. You don't really see much of Superman and when you do, all he did was his usual Superman stuffs that you've seen before. Sorry, I'm not really a fan of Superman, so there's really nothing much I cared about him. In this movie, Batman steals the show. That said, even Batman didn't really appear much in this movie, having to make way for expositions.

Now, let's talk about Batman v Superman, as in the face-off between Batman and Superman. This is the part where everyone has been waiting for, and honestly, it's the only thing that people came to watch this movie. Don't forget, the movie is called Batman v Superman. Guess what, Batman v Superman is over in like 10 minutes. They have been building up to this fight scene for hours and the payoff is you get a fight sequence that lasted for about 10 minutes and is barely exciting at all. Seriously, to me, this is the most disappointing thing ever. It's almost Spiderman 3's Venom level of disappointment. Do you remember that I said I appreciate a little creativity in movies? I was extremely looking forward to Batman, a mere mortal in his metallic suit, facing off against a godlike figure, with almost no chance of winning. I expect to see him go against the odds to prove that no one messes with Batman, even a god. Sadly, Batman had to utilize the Kryptonite to bring Superman down to an almost mortal level, and with it, most of the excitement. I'm disappointed that they even bring up Kryptonite in this movie. Sometimes, being true to the comic books isn't necessarily a good thing. Subsequently, that fight lasted for only a few minutes before Batman had a sudden change of heart. For one thing, the Kryptonite element appeared completely out of nowhere, and if I have not heard about it from somewhere else, I would be completely loss. Also, I was totally looking forward to seeing Batman in his mech suit going all out against Superman, but in the end, I was disappointed by how redundant the suit was as the Kryptonite did most of its job weakening Superman. Even then the mech suit got pretty damaged in a short period of time.

Now that we have Batman v Superman out of the way, let's talk about the Dawn of Just part of the movie. Firstly, I have to admit that the scene where Batman rescues Superman's mom from being held hostage, that was seriously impressive. The way Batman beat up all the gang members was brutal yo! Yeap, ladies and gentlemen, this is your new Batman who wouldn't hesitate to stab a bad guy with a knife. After that, comes the finale with the final showdown between Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman against Doomsday. As for Doomsday, I personally don't think he looks too bad. He sort of reminds me of the Hulk, and I like to see him going on full rampage. His design could be better though. Personally, I really enjoyed the beginning of the showdown with Doomsday, especially when it is used to introduce us to Wonder Woman's powers. Wonder Woman really did make a dramatic entrance there, even though you've seen most of it in the trailer. Seriously, f*ck the second trailer! What I like best in the final battle sequence is the soundtrack which stands out in this battle  (The final battle theme if you will). You know, the one with the electric guitar? (Update: I just found out it's the theme for Wonder Woman) Yeah, that soundtrack fits the epic atmosphere perfectly and compliments it brilliantly. What else would you expect from one of the greatest film score composer ever that is Hans Zimmer? However, the bummer is we don't get to see a lot of Batman and Wonder Woman badassery in this fight scene because the duration of the final battle is again Spiderman 3's Venom territory, and it ended in the most cliche way possible. The rest of the film is not even worth mentioning. Oh, and that Superman death but not really dead thing, I saw that coming from miles away.

In conclusion, Batman v Superman, like many other superhero movies, didn't live up to its hype. That said, it I don't think that it's an abomination. It's just kind of disappointing considering this movie took almost three years to be released, and it's the most anticipated movie ever. I came out of the cinema having an existential crisis! I felt like it just ruined my entire year 2016, and it's a really difficult reality to swallow. Well, hopefully the many anticipated movies to come can fix that.

Rating: 6.5/10 (All Batman mob-kicking scenes in this movie gets a 10/10)