Monday, 4 August 2014

Top 3 Marvel Supercool Villains

Hi once again. I know it's been a long time since I last posted anything, but honestly there are nothing much to blog about nowadays. I'm less of a hardcore otaku as I was several years ago and studies is part of that reason (Unfortunately, having a girlfriend is not part of that reason yet =P). I did watched a few movies in the cinema not too long ago (You wouldn't wanna know just how bad Transformers 4 is, but let me know if you want my thoughts on it) and recently I watched Captain America 2 once again on my laptop, which gave me an inspiration to list down the rarest of Marvel gems, their supercool villains. There are not many I can tell you, but when they are good, they are pretty darn good.

(3) Loki [Thor]

Loki is, according to the Nordic mythology, the adopted son of Odin, the adopted brother of Loki, and the god of mischief. What makes me like Loki? First of all, his smile. That is one hell of a mischievous smile if you ask me. He could do better than in this picture. Secondly, I really enjoy seeing him being trolled around, especially in The Avengers. He has big ambitions (of conquering the world etc.) and fails at every attempt. What's best, he never learns from his mistakes!

(2) Venom [Spiderman 3]

I gotta admit, Spiderman's costume sucks. So how do you make it better? Apparently, you'll need some slimy alien parasite to do the job and Venom is the answer. Venom's powers are similar to that of Spiderman, and some additional powers like... biting people I guess. Oh, his webs are stickier than normal, and the way he transform into Venom is just awesome! Unfortunately, he does have a silly weakness and thanks to that, Spiderman 3 pretty much killed all these awesomeness in the movie =(

(1) The Winter Soldier [Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier]

He's a dude with a metal arm who is the only one who can match Captain America's unparalleled skills in Ultimate Frisbee. Like Captain America himself, his powers came as a result of an experiment and likewise, he has his group of soldiers fighting alongside him. Call them terrorists if you prefer.

When he appears in the movie, you can really feel a tense atmosphere in his presence and the background music really helps. He is mysterious and hardly verbal, and he speaks French and an awesome manner! Also, what makes him supercool is his arsenal (you can see guns all over his body and his favorite weapon is the grenade launcher), and his tactical skills in melee combat. His knife combat and gunslinging skills are very impressive!

There you have it, the best villains from Marvel. I challenged my self to make a list of 5, but I really couldn't think of any other. These 3 are exceptional in the field of supercoology.

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