Monday, 25 August 2014

m(_ _)m

Hello and greetings to all the followers of my blog. I would like to express my gratitude to my fellow otaku who took your time following my blog posts over the years, despite the poor English it is written in. I always did many corrections after re-reading what I wrote previously. I also try my best to make my reviews as interesting as possible. But nonetheless, I am thankful for your encouragements in giving me feedback and encouraging me to continue writing. However, I would like to deeply apologize as I had been inactive for quite some time  and will probably be blogging much less frequently as I used to. I am currently a 2nd year biomedical science student and most of the time, my workload is overwhelming. Therefore, I apologize as I may not have the time to be a hardcore otaku like I used to be. Rest assured though, this blog will continue to exist and I will update this blog whenever possible. Thank you once again for your support. Have a nice day minasan =)

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