Monday, 26 May 2014

Breaking News: Alice is graduating from ClariS

Let's take a break from all the anime reviews as I bring to you some pretty surprising news from Japan. Firstly, Japan won the Thomas Cup this year. Secondly, it seems like Alice will be graduating from the idol unit ClariS.

Clara + Alice = ClariS
I've been a fan of ClariS for a few years now. If you haven't already knew ClariS, they are a group of Japanese pop duo consisting of two high school girls Clara and Alice (not their real name, of course) from Hokkaido. ClariS is most notable for singing the opening and sometimes ending themes for Oreimo, Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica, and for the most recent one, Nisekoi. ClariS is among the most humble and down-to-earth pop idol that you can ever find anywhere on Earth. There's a reason why they call themselves Clara and Alice, and the fact that pretty much no one has ever or will ever see them in real life. These two girls are high school students, and since their debut back in 2010, they probably realized that they are going to be in the limelight someday and that can be pretty distracting. So, in order for them to focus better on schoolwork, they choose to perform anonymously with only pseudonyms and anime artwork as a representative of themselves. I mean... Nobody does that, but they became the first who did.

Well, it's pretty clear that these girls are pretty serious when it comes to school work. As it appears, the pressure of being very popular is still evident even after their effort in concealing their identity. As a result, Alice, one of the members of Claris, sent us a short piece of letter just recently.

It is translated as follow:-

"I Alice, in order to concentrate on schoolwork, after this 3rd Album 'PARTY TIME' will be graduating from ClariS.

To all our fans, staff, administrators and those working behind the scenes, since our debut 3 and a half years ago, you have made my world full of dreams and happiness. This has been such a wonderful time in my life that I will treasure.

For such a long time, thank you for your support."
(Translated by someone else)

In order words, it appears that Alice the bright Sun will be leaving the ClariS group pretty soon. That's what she meant by graduating if you haven't catch on. Well, what can I say? I will definitely be missing them very much. It's not a good feeling losing one of your favorite idols that you have come to love and respect, but I guess it is for her good and she definitely has my blessing as one of her big fan. ClariS won't be complete without riS, but I do hope they will continue making more songs in the future. Godspeed Alice-san, and all the best in your studies and the pursuit of your dream and future! We love you Alice! We love you too Clara! We love you ClariS!!! \(T^T)/

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