Saturday, 23 February 2013

Most Awesome Japanese Artiste #5 - ClariS


From what I can tell by listening to their songs, they are big girls now. I think they are full-fledged artiste as well, as they had been actively providing new songs for anime and games. Then again, no one really knows since nobody really knows their true identity apart from their family members and recording crew. The secret of who Clara and Alice are has been well preserved.

Even so, that does not deter them from gaining their fans. I am one myself, and I personally think they had sweet voice and they sang professionally. Most of the song they sing are soft one based on friendship and love. Like many Japanese songs, the 'graduation' theme is well favored. They even had a song that is entitled 'Graduation'.

Anyway, we are getting curios as to who ClariS really are. If they do resemble the anime artwork they are based on, then I'd say they look pretty cute. Doesn't matter, I hope someday when they are prepared to reveal themselves ( if they intend to) and by any chance organize a concert, I will be there.

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