Wednesday, 2 January 2013

My top 10 favorite anime girls part 1

Here is a list of my top 10 anime girls whom I admire the most. There are hundreds of other characters that I equally liked, but here's the 10 in my mind right now. Since Blogger limits each post to 200 words, I'll start with the top 5 first.

1) Yune
- voiced by Nao Toyama
- from the anime Ikoku Meiro no Croisee

She is a pure breed Japanese who hardly wears anything other than her kimono. She is very well-mannered and hardworking. She always stay true to herself and tries to do what she think is the right thing to do regardless of what other thinks. However, she is also very obedient especially to her employer. She is a very kind and sweet girl. Although she is sent to work in Paris, she is always thoughtful of her elder sister, Shione, who is blinded due to an eye disease and Yune never fails to send letters to her back in Nagasaki.

2) Kanade Tachibana a.k.a. Tenshi (Angel)
- voiced by Kana Hanazawa
- from the anime Angel Beats

She really lived up to her name Angel, though she isn't a real angel. A sweet girl, but is very clumsy. She is very anti-social and doesn't speak much, but she tries her best to do her job and help others. But due to her bad social skills, her action is always depicted as a threat to others and she is often treated as an antagonist. Although she was sabotaged multiple times, she always remain cool and collected. At the final episode, she was finally understood and befriended by everyone who were against her. She is also very skilled in combat, computing, and the English language.

3) Ayano Hojo
- voiced by Nakaya Sayaka from AKB48
- from the anime Moshidora

She a very shy and quiet girl but gives her very best to her school baseball team as a manager. Although very shy, she always smile when talking to others, even strangers. She is also apparently a top scorer in class, but she despised being called so and considered a robot by her classmates. She has a deep affection and respect for Yuuki, a fellow senior manager who is hospitalized. She is also a very optimistic person. There was once she reassures her friend that the baseball match is not over even when the score is obviously not siding her team. She also persuaded Minami (the main character of Moshidora) from running away after failing to accept something happened, I'm not going to spoil it for you.

4) System U-D a.k.a. Yuri Eberwein
- voiced by Kana Asumi
- from the game Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha A's Portable: The Gears of Destiny

U-D stands for Unbreakable Dark. She is the final boss of the second Nanoha game. She is cute, but at the same time incredibly powerful. It took me many tries to beat her final form. After her darkness is apparently separated, she is back to her cute and friendly self. I do mean she's cute and friendly. She always thank people and boldly confess how much she liked someone even to their creepiness.

5) Shiro Togi
- voiced by Yukari Minegishi
- from the anime Fortune Arterial

Shiro is very shiro, very white. She has white hair, always wear a white dress, and has a white-colored pet rabbit called Yukimaru who always run off by itself leaving Shiro to search for it. Shiro is a very cute and obedient girl who always listens to her brother who is a senior in her school student council member. Shiro also always tries to help others who is in need, and always had a feeling of sympathy towards others' problems. She even willingly sacrifice herself for the sake of helping his friends, even though the problem does not concern her at all.

to be continued...

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