Monday, 28 January 2013

Most Awesome Japanese Artiste #1 - azusa

I'm finally back blogging again after my laptop (more precisely, my mom's laptop) was saved from literally broken into half. Meanwhile, I was spending most of my time with my precious mp3 player while randomly downloading songs from the Internet. So now I'm going to prepare a long list of the very best Japanese artiste I've known so far.

Let me begin with my current favorite. Introducing...


Her actual name is Mitsu Azusa. She was a former member of Sparkling (star) Point. I was introduced to her in the anime Moshidora which, as you may have realize, is my favorite anime of all times. She sang the opening theme of the anime entitled "Yume Note", and in the Yume Note single contains two other songs namely Precious Time and I Wish, which the latter is among the best songs in my list.

So, what is it that put her number one in my list? What I admire about her is of course, her voice. But obvious facts aside, she does has a very special voice, one that is very distinguishable. I soothes the ear the moment I listen to it. I can't understand Japanese very much, but it's enough for me to tell her songs have meaningful lyrics, especially the one called "i Love" which makes me go awwwwwww... A romantic love song at that, but she does have other genre of songs in her discography. The tone of her songs ranges from the soft and sentimental type, occasionally the cute type, to the pretty catchy type. None of which is too soft or too noisy. She sounds pretty sharp naturally, which enables her to sing at moderately high pitch easily. In short, she has a very sweet voice.

Among her noticeable songs are:

Yume Note, i Love, Ashita Hare Tara, Mangrove no Mori, Fu-ru Fu-ru, Just Be a Friend, Anata no Tame ni, Check My Soul, Good Day, Kimi no Mama de, Niji no Hajimaru Basho, Shiny Day, and Taiyo no Sign.

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