Thursday, 3 January 2013

Chiho and Chise

I was watching Kobato a moment ago and I realized that Clamp likes to kinda mix characters around, which might not be a bad thing considering that's what gave us Tsubasa Chronicle. Here's Chiho and Chise, twin daughters of Chitose, and they looked somewhat really familiar to me until it dawned upon me that they are actually Elda and Freya, which the former is better known as Chii in the anime Chobits. Chitose is also from Chobits as a character by the same name, and is also mother of Elda and Freya (more like the inventor) and the landlady of the apartment owned by Hideki, the main character. In this case, she is renting her apartment to Kobato. Chitose is a thoughtful person who gave Kobato a piece of futon when she realizes Kobato doesn't have any. Chiho and Chise are two adorable girls who helped delivered the futon to Kobato, and then befriended her. Both Chiho and Chise are very obedient to their mother and caring towards Kobato. They hastily prepares futon and first aid materials and had Kobato lie down after having thought that Kobato is sick, which she actually isn't. It's quite hilarious to watch. By the way, Chiho and Chise is voiced by Megumi Nakajima instead of Rie Tanaka who voiced Chii in Chobits. Also, both Chitose are voiced by different person.

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