Saturday, 29 December 2012

Nanoha loli goodness

PSP games are running out, and I have lost interest in my PSP for quite some time already. But recently, I've acquired myself a new game which is filled with little magical girls. And the best part, it's a fighting game.

This game is not new, but it does have a very long title. It's called Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha A's Portable: Gears of Destiny. Every time you enter the title screen, this title will be mentioned by a girl's voice before you push the start button, and of course, it is in Japanese. The title is really much longer in Japanese. Pity that girl...

Actually, I wasn't expecting much from the game like these other than little catfights going on and on. But surprisingly, this game is good. It actually has a proper story, though I really couldn't understand it well because it's all in Japanese. The fighting system of this game is a little different from the others, and it's 3 dimensional. Very similar to Final Fantasy Dissidia, except this is much much cuter and less complicated.

I was also actually expecting this game to be about 100% loli girls, but it isn't. You will find boys who are almost equally cute, tsundere, tough guys, and stuffs like that. A nice combination, really. Nevertheless, it's still a very adorable game. Most of the fights I've been through thus far are friendly battles. Don't get me wrong. This game does has its set of adventurous storyline and you'll be fighting some bad guys, sorry, girls too. I've never actually watch the Nanoha series, but I'm loving this game!

Is it me, or is my vision a bit blurry? Well, I'm gonna write a review on this once I beat the game.

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