Friday, 14 December 2012

Movie review: Sadako 3D

Title: Sadako 3D a.k.a. The Ring 3D (Japanese)

Year: 2012

What is it about: A ghost who is a product of a girl bullied and killed by being tossed into a well, searched the Internet for a body to possess. 21st Century ghost! XD

Genre: Horror

My review: Sorry, I didn't want to scare the reader by posting a picture of Sadako herself. This movie is quite remarkable in the sense that it is not a typical horror movie where a ghost jumps in front of someone, that someone screams, and then dies. In so many horror movies that I've watched, I find every bit of those movie a cliche. The ending, in particular, as the typical ending for these sort of movie is every human dies and the ghost wins. Not so here, as they put a little kick-butt in this movie.

Yes, you heard me. In this movie, the human fights the ghost and not let themselves to be attacked. Even when almost all else fails, the main character tries to reason with the ghost! You don't see that very often. It's also quite funny to see two characters in the movie are actual actors of Kamen Riders! Such as the one in this picture. If he is not familiar to you, he's Kamen Rider Kiva.

So, what do you do when a hostile ghost jumps on you? Run? No. Grab a pole and stab it on the head! These action happens a lot after the main character is tired of running away from multiple Sadako's failed clones, and decides it's time to teach them a lesson. Throughout the process of escaping the horde, she will think of intelligent ways to troll the ghosts. Now that's epic! You can forget what I wrote for this movie's genre. It's not horror. It's action plus comedy. In fact, throughout the period of time when I was watching this in cinema, the audience hardly screams. Instead, we get a whole 2 hours of laughter!

The problem with this movie though, is that it is not so realistic. The main character apparently has a power where she could shatter all the glasses in a corridor just by screaming. There are times where she actually shatters Sadako with her scream! Other than that, the poles or steel pipes that she occasionally used to stab or whack the Sadako copies are available to her like a Keyblade. If you are not a fan of Kingdom Hearts, this means that she can just grab a pole when she needs it, anytime anywhere. So often she just chuck the poles aside and makes a run after stabbing a ghost. What an idiot. But still, she survives.

Then like other ghost stories, this movie also involves people dying one by one. It also involves shocking the daylights out of the watchers. Fortunately, things are kept in control in this movie, unlike many other horror movies that depends on scaring the audience. This movie focuses more on its plot.

In conclusion, this is one ghost movie that is actually watchable. It's is quite exciting and funny at times. Oh, at the last part of the movie, the way Sadako's curse was put to rest is really cool.

Just so you know, Sadako is starred by Ai Hashimoto, a 16-year old at that time. Pretty amazing huh?

Rating (out of 10): 6


  1. This is a sequel? I dint know there was a sequel. Hurrah!


  2. Yes, this is the sequel... and it's pretty amazing how they put a little action sequence to a typical ghost movie cliche... I advise you don't watch it in 3D unless you have a strong heart XP